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my name is

Leon Wachtler.

​I'm a fine artist based in Nuremberg, strongly focusing on building a cohesive cosmos of sci-fi related works.

My works are created in different media such as traditional and digital drawings, painting, as well as installations and objects. 






Studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Germany
in class of professor Jochen Flinzer 

Born in Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany       

Exhibitions and Funding






Group exhibition "Dysmorphia" at St. Egidien Nuremberg 

Featured in the LfA Förderbank Bayern Art-Calender

Group exhibiton "Melkung Mittendrin" at PLATFORM Munich     

Solo exhibition at the annual exhibition at the    
Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg 

bio extended

Artist Biography.

My name ist Leon Wachtler, I am currently 22 years old, living and working near Nuremberg.

My long-time passion is to explore and work out a combination between sci-fi and fine arts.

The groundwork of my artistic works were built, as I recieved the opportunity to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in 2018 in class of professor Jochen Flinzer. Since I started studying in 2018, my ways of working have surely changed, however, my profound interest in the science-fiction genre, especially regarding the visuals of motion pictures and video games, has been even more firmly anchored in myself as an artist. However, drawing using graphite has since then been my first choice when it comes to technique.

My enthusiasm for spatial and architectural drawings has its beginning in midst of my boyhood and is also to a great extent deeply rooted in my adolescence. A long time ago, during class I often used to scribble 2-dimensional cross sections of industrial facilities on squared paper. As the years passed, I (luckily) lost my affinity towards the squared paper but in return I learned new drawing techniques, which would later aid me in creating perspective drawings of neat architectural structures. A little later, a facination for grotesque and hostile machinery started to sprout, and soon the former architecture began to change its appearance to more monumental, unreal and deserted industrial complexes. Following this change, I worked on most of the drawings which led me to my studies at the AdBK Nürnberg and consequently to my current artistic works. Besides digital paintings and further illustrations, I built two installations, which I consider some of the most important parts of all my works. 

I am referring to the installation "augmenting reality (2019)" and the spatial object "the mechanical sarcophagus (2020)". These works first freed my imagery from its 2-dimensional picture plane and helped it into a tangible three-dimensionality. Especially "the mechanical sarcophagus" dealt with the interplay between drawing and object, which both interfered with each other. Furthermore both installations, as well as many drawings, thematically connect by containing references of an omnipresent and sinister tech-conglomerat called Solomon Cybernetic Augmentations or short SCA. The cause is my underlying desire, to link all of my works through a comprehensive narrative, in which the recipient can dive into. Against the backdrop of a recurring theme of gloomy and morbid sci-fi in my works, we so to speak ended up at the starting position of this biography again.

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