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Solomon Cybernetic Augmentations

We at Solomon Cybernetics have set the seal on a change of era, by developing an all new symbol of status and wealth: State of the art augmentations precision fabricated from the finest medical grade chrome-alloy.

After you specified, which part of your biological skeleton you wish to have replaced, our fully automated cutting edge fabrication facility will then manufacture your very own personalized set of bone replacements.¹


¹ The procedure might not be accessable to every customer. We at Solomon value the exclusivity of our products. Before accepting an order, we need to evaluate, whether your                financial and social life circumstances are congruent with our company values.

"It's clear: Solomons high-end

augmentations are the

Hermès Kelly Bags of a whole tech-savvy generation."


"One of mankinds greatest masterpieces of the last few decades, which will inevitably pave the way for a new transhumanistic society."


"As the first independent news agency we were granted filming permission at Solomon Fabrication Facility. We don't want to reveal too much yet, but Apple Park better dress warmly."



For further information on the current SCAS

product range, please visit the following page:

Solomon Cybernetic Augmentations® (SCA) is a brand of Solomon Concepts and Solutions® (SCAS)

and classifies as a registered trademark. 

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